An image of the analytics dashboard for the Replit blog

Deployment Analytics Completed | Internship

Built analytics at Replit for thousands of websites hosted on Replit using Google Bigtable, NATS, and a custom deployments proxy. Additionally prototyped AI-powered debugging of deployment failures and analytics summary emails.

An image of a brain slice with neurons and glial cells visible in stain

ANIMA Maintaining | Research

Sped up postmortem brain damage analysis in epileptic mice by 98% compared to manual methods with novel graph-based algorithm. Published in PNAS 119(51), DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2021265118.

A stylized banner depicting Cloudflare's Magic Transit.

GRE Optimization Completed | Internship

At Cloudflare, sped up GRE tunnel creation/modification by two orders of magnitude, direct impact on corporations like Wikipedia and Zoom.

An image depicting the before-and-after transformation of a street using TreeHack.

TreeHack Prototyped | Hackathon

For HackMIT, we integrated OpenAI CLiP with Stable Diffusion to generate realistic views of well-shaded streets to reduce "hotspots" of elevated heat in urban areas.

An image showing a user engaging with our teachable agent.

Interview Insight Prototyped | Hackathon

Interview Insight uses GPT-4, Whisper, and Hume AI to allow live evaluation of a teacher, student, or interviewee as they practice their interview.

An image of the Junior High Math Contest 2022 homepage

JHMC Website Completed | Extracurricular

Built an online contest platform with Patrick Hultquist to handle 1,000+ tests, which I refined for a nationwide hybrid contest in 2022.

A partial picture of the projects page on our robotics website.

Robotics Website Developing | Extracurricular

A platform for the student robotics community at Stanford to build robots, which I built as president of Stanford Student Robotics.

A website allowing you to laser-cut or engrave everything at Stanford.

Excaliblaze Developing | Personal

A website which directly connects to the lab64 laser cutter at Stanford (currently disabled), allowing you to laser-cut anything with the power of generative AI.

An image of vision transformer regressing on solar flare

Solar Flares Prototyped | Extracurricular

Collated high-quality dataset of solar images and X-ray flux for one year and built state-of-the-art vision transformer to predict solar flares.

An image of the 24 game interface, with chat to the left of the game and game history to the right of the game

24 Together Developing | Personal

The first multiplayer implementation of the Chinese number game "24", used to keep in touch with friends virtually.

An example of a Discord query for a Chemistry Olympiad problem

Lavoisier Maintaining | Extracurricular

Created first public dataset of 2,466 high-quality chemistry olympiad problems as images, which have been served thousands of times through a Discord bot.

A simple UI for selecting the best fortune cookies

Fortune-ate Prototyped | Personal

A website to generate fortune cookies using GPT, which fine-tunes to your preference in fortunes to generate the most useful (or flattering) fortune cookies.